For Connie Hayes, the making of a painting or a group of paintings is a response to the specific environment. Her lush, vibrant color reveals light conditions, spiritual mood, physical and psychic temperature.

"When I examine my surroundings, I listen for the calling to paint a certain thing. When I find it, it is like a familiar face I recognize. I know it is home, I know it is one of mine."

The lending and borrowing of views between collector and artist accommodates the artist's passion for a specific locale. A "Borrowed View" goes beyond a private artist-in-residency. Invited to live and paint on the collector's home ground, there is a collaboration and an exploration of the symbiosis between artist and collector. Connie Hayes intuits what is cherished by the host and collector and makes visible the singular aspects of each place and its history. The process is both cerebral and emotional, and the results visual–seen with the eyes and resonating in the heart.

Depending on mutual arrangement, Connie's stays may last from a few days to a few weeks, coordinated with a time the collector is not at home. However long Connie's stay, she offers her host first choice from the paintings to be sold from the body of work created during the Borrowed View.

Connie plans her Borrowed Views anywhere from a few months to a few years in advance in order to fit dates, sites and availability of the collector and the artist together into a mutually convenient schedule. Photos of possible locations and descriptions of sites help in the artist's planning. Connie drives to nearby locations from her Rockland, Maine home but if air fare and car rental are involved, those costs can be discussed separately with the collector.

To submit a request for a Borrowed View from Connie Hayes, please go to the contact/mailing list screen and mention Borrowed Views in the message area.